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k-Ci & JoJo
First Album Released: 1997
Last Album Released: 2013
Popular 90's Song: all my life

K-Ci & JoJo are an American R&B duo, consisting of brothers Cedric "K-Ci" Hailey and Joel "JoJo" Hailey, Natives of Monroe, North Carolina, they are also members of the chart-topping R&B group Jodeci with the DeGrate brothers—Donald (better known as DeVante Swing) and Dalvin.

K-Ci & JoJo's first sign of independence came in 1994 when K-Ci covered Bobby Womack's hit "If You Think You're Lonely Now" for the movie Jason's Lyric.

Early in 1996, K-Ci & JoJo teamed up for the song "How Could You" for the movie Bulletproof starring Damon Wayans and Adam Sandler. By July 1996, K-Ci & JoJo finally had a hit on their hands as guest artists in 2Pac's number-one R&B hit "How Do U Want It". They also gained popularity with the last music video of 2pac, "Toss it Up".

The brothers made their side projects into a full album, Love Always and have release other albums since then.


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