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First Album Released: 1988
Last Album Released: 1992
Popular 90's Song: dial my heart

The Boys are an American R&B quartet composed of the four Abdulsamad brothers, Khiry, Hakim, Tajh, and Bilal. The group started out singing in Carson, California. The group had three #1 singles on the R&B charts but never had a mainstream pop #1.

The Boys released their debut album, Messages From The Boys during the same year and it performed very well. The public loved the songs as well as "Dial My Heart" reached #1 on the R&B charts in 1988. The album's second single, Babyface's "Lucky Charm," topped the R&B charts in 1989.

As the '90s progressed, the members of the group moved to the Western African state of Gambia, where they set up a recording studio. Learning the native tongue, the group began to develop a new sound and became known as The Suns of Light. The group continues to produce uplifting and positive music and release albums on a regular basis.


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