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First Album Released: 1990
Last Album Released: 2006
Popular 90's Song: Body Bumpin' (Yippie-Yi-Yo)

Public Announcement is an R&B and hip hop group, which was formed in 1990 in Chicago, Illinois, originally backing singer R. Kelly on his first album.

The group signed with Jive Records after R. Kelly met the members from Public Announcement and auditioned them to be his back up singers and dancers. The group was originally R. Kelly backed up by Earl Robinson, Andre Boykins, & Ricky Webster.

Original member Earl Robinson recruited Chicago natives Feloney Davis, Glenn Wright, and Euclid Gray as new members of Public Announcement in 1996 & Davis took over as the lead singer. In 1997 they eventually scored a record deal with A&M Records and started working on their sophomore and solo debut album All Work, No Play. In 1998 they scored their first and only top five hit without Kelly, named Body Bumpin (Yippie-Yi-Yo) released on February 3, 1998, which peaked at #5 Pop and #4 R&B.


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