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First Album Released: 1998
Last Album Released: No other albums have been released by playa
Popular 90's Song: cheers 2 u

Playa was an American R&B/hip-hop group. Composed of Jawaan "Smokey" Peacock, Benjamin "Black" Bush and Stephen "Static Major" Garrett, Playa is best known for their 1998 hit album, "Cheers 2 U", produced by longtime collaborator Timbaland.

Static was notable for being a successful songwriter of hit singles and album tracks for artists such as Ginuwine, Aaliyah, Truth Hurts, Lil Wayne and Brandy.

Garrett died suddenly at Baptist Hospital East in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky on Feb. 25, 2008. After a number of tests, he was diagnosed with a rare condition called myasthenia gravis, an autoimmune disorder with hallmark symptoms of muscle weakness and fatigue. Doctors recommended a procedure called plasmapheresis, a treatment similar to dialysis that removes the autoantibodies from the blood using an implanted catheter as a central line through the neck and into the chest area." A large bore catheter must be inserted into the patient's arm in order to perform this procedure. When a nurse was instructed to remove it, he went into respiratory distress and did not recover.


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