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II D Extreme
First Album Released: 1993
Last Album Released: 1996
Popular 90's Song: cry no more

II D Extreme was an American new jack swing/urban R&B group from the early 1990s that included D'Extra Wiley, Randy Gill (Johnny Gill's brother) and Jermaine Mickey. They are known for the songs " Cry No More," "Up On The Roof" and Gap Band's cover of "Outstanding".

II D Extreme converged onto the music scene as an unsigned group with what was later to become a history-making single they wrote and arranged, "Cry No More." In the group's hometown of Washington, D.C., the response to the song was epidemic with demand for airplay of the song spreading nationwide while the group was still unsigned. Their highly anticipated debut album, "II D Extreme," was released several months after the demo hit the airwaves and sold enough units to earn "Cry No More" the prestigious status of RIAA-certified Gold.

II D Extreme's music is founded in strong gospel-influenced vocals, romantic lyrics and infectious grooves that make their live performances spellbinding. The dissipation of their record label, Gasoline Alley, formerly of MCA, ultimately led to the group's 10-year hiatus as they all pursued their individual interests.


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