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First Album Released: 1983
Last Album Released: 2005
Popular 90's Song: body and Soul

Anita Baker is an American R&B/soul jazz singer-songwriter. In 1975, Baker (Mezzo) joined the Detroit-based band, Chapter 8, which featured Michael J. Powell, who would later produce her solo works. After touring extensively, Chapter 8 were subsequently dropped from the label roster. Frustrated with the business, Baker decided to leave music behind.

In 1982, Otis Smith, an executive who'd worked with Chapter 8, found his new label Beverly Glen Music. In 1983, Baker released her solo debut album, The Songstress, but without major label's support, the album was initially not a success. It featured the R&B hit "Angel," peaked at #5. It also helped Baker build a strong fan base through word-of-mouth.

In 1985, Baker signed with Elektra Records, a major label under Warner Music Group. She released her second album, Rapture, in 1986. Rapture remains Baker's biggest-selling album and went on to sell nearly eight million copies worldwide. It also earned Baker two Grammy Awards in 1987: Best R&B Vocal Performance, Female for the album and Best Rhythm & Blues Song for "Sweet Love".


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