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3rd Storee
First Album Released: 1999
Last Album Released: 2002
Popular 90's Song: if ever

3rd Storee formed in 1997 in South-Central Los Angeles, California and had four members: Kevontay, D'Smoove, Jay-R, and Lil Man (now known as K. Young). The group sought to succeed groups like New Edition and The Jackson Five, and were given that chance when they were signed to Edmonds Entertainment by Tracey Edmonds.

In 1999, they released their self-titled debut album, which had five tracks produced by Babyface. One of these tracks, "If Ever", was released as a single.

After the first album, lead singer Lil Man left the group to pursue a solo career. Following the release of their sophomore effort, the group went on a brief hiatus. They returned in 2006 under the new name, Chapter 4, and had lost Kevontay in the process. Under the new name, the group was signed to J Records, where they released the single "Fool Wit You.


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